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Grow with Dale Carnegie Southwest Florida

Dale Carnegie Southwest Florida channels people’s untapped potential through a fun and enjoyable learning process. Our methodology focuses on our participants’ unique needs to concentrate on their role, results and personal growth. We’re passionate about helping people diminish fear and build self-confidence.

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We offer an 8-week Dale Carnegie course, as well as 3-day consecutive courses in leadership, high-impact presentation, sales, communications and human relations, and employee engagement. Dale Carnegie Southwest Florida also designs customized curriculums to meet your unique business needs.
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Personal Impact

Reach your full potential with Dale Carnegie Southwest Florida. Our programs and courses are designed to draw out your natural strengths and sharpen your unique skill set to build self confidence and crush fear in every aspect of your life.

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Business Results

How will a more engaged workforce affect your business? Learn how to make meaningful contributions and excel in the facets of your life that matter most. Our training will help you think and work smarter while creating a cooperative culture that embraces everyone’s ideas.

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Powerful Leadership

Foster positive change in your company and community with relationships that drive progress. You’ll inspire those around you and gain greater influence in your sphere with our acclaimed leadership training.

Professional Development Courses

Leadership Training

Strong leaders are difference-makers who inspire success and empower those around them to make positive change.

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Presentation Training

Engaging presentation skills training offers proven methods to ensure effective and confident delivery of each and every presentation.

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Sales Training

Are you looking to increase your sales revenue? Dale Carnegie’s up-to-date sales tactics will help your team convert leads into sales efficiently.

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Customer Service Training

The relationship established in a single customer interaction delivers sales while creating loyal customers that return to your business again and again.

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People Skills Training

Successful people are engaged in all aspects of their work and life. They exude confidence and charisma as they communicate with others and lead by example.

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Organizational Development

Establishing a vision, mission and values for your company is critical if you want to create a team-first culture in the workplace.

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Effectiveness in Medicine

CME4Life’s Effectiveness in Medicine CME conference adapts the concepts of Strictly Business: Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar to the healthcare setting.

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