Professional Development Courses

Your path to success starts with Dale Carnegie

Take a close look at the successful leaders in your life. What attributes do you see? Confidence. Competence. Enthusiasm. They’re wholly engaged in all aspects of their work and life. We’re inspired by the way they empower and lift up those around them. 

Reach new heights with Dale Carnegie’s professional development courses, designed to help you master the human relations skills you need to thrive in any setting. Discover your unique strengths and hone them to build courage and confidence in your personal and professional life. Dale Carnegie training teaches you how to adapt in fast-paced situations and stressful workplace conditions while maintaining a calm and collected composure. 

The Dale Carnegie courses offered throughout Southwest Florida will help you channel your inner voice and learn to communicate effectively, enabling you to develop meaningful interpersonal relationships built on trust and respect. You’ll find yourself leading others with enthusiasm and a take-charge attitude that unveils initiative and innovation.

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Professional Development Courses

Leadership Training

Strong leaders are difference-makers who inspire success and empower those around them to make positive change.

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Presentation Training

Engaging presentation skills training offers proven methods to ensure effective and confident delivery of each and every presentation.

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Sales Training

Are you looking to increase your sales revenue? Dale Carnegie’s up-to-date sales tactics will help your team convert leads into sales efficiently.

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Customer Service Training

The relationship established in a single customer interaction delivers sales while creating loyal customers that return to your business again and again.

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People Skills Training

Successful people are engaged in all aspects of their work and life. They exude confidence and charisma as they communicate with others and lead by example.

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Organizational Development

Establishing a vision, mission and values for your company is critical if you want to create a team-first culture in the workplace.

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Effectiveness in Medicine

CME4Life’s Effectiveness in Medicine CME conference adapts the concepts of Strictly Business: Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar to the healthcare setting.

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